To people who already visited Doctor Vau, Jack needs no introduction!

To you, who may not yet have had the pleasure, Jack is in charge of a rather difficult task of animating our patients and their owners when they visit. He is also in charge of all marketing activities and is well known for his playful but friendly demeanour. As he is one of the co-owners of the practice, you’ll notice he had a lot of saying in how the practice is decorated and you’ll often times find him working on decorating it even further (favourit spots being the couch in the waiting room as well as the plant)

During the working hours, Jack is usually at the reception or in the garden, so if you, or your pet, need to contact him (for both social purposes or to get tips how to boost your diet) feel free to let our employees know as they will be happy to check if Mr. Jack can squeeze you in for quick consultation and a pleasant get-together. Jack is a rather chill cat that has no issues with other dogs and cats that visit Doktor Vau. If you offer him food, any food, he will gladly accept it.